About Us

People say it takes a village to raise a child and the adage is 110% true. For many, a dream business is akin to an infant they have nourished and worked hard to create a thriving trade. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that starting and running a business also takes a village. But the harsh truth is that not many can afford to hire enough employees to run a company.

We initiated this company for such individual – folks who have always envisioned to be the owners of profitable and renowned businesses but don’t have the resources to do it all. Because our personal experience is in two fields – catering and event planning – we stick to our guns. On the site, an entrepreneur or business owner will be able to find:

• Tips that help run a catering business, not just with ease but panache.
• Articles on the challenges one can face when starting or operating a catering business.
• Tricks to planning the most unforgettable event. Here we include a range of events such as weddings, corporate meeting, bridal showers and birthdays.
• Write Ups on organising events such as food fairs with the recommendation given by top names in the industry.
A reader will also get access to an incredible gallery which will be filled with pictures and images of food and catering. This section of the website was notably included to:
• Be an inspiration to event planners
• Offer ideas to caterers for their next menus
And finally, because who doesn’t like to browse through mouth-watering photos of delicious cuisines.

For those wondering, what got us started on a platform for caterers and event planners – the answer is very straightforward. When we began in the same field with nil experience, we stumbled upon a mentor. She guided us through the obstacles we faced, like any other businessperson, during our first five years. For us, her help was invaluable and one factor for our success.

We know that it was luck that connected us to her. To pay it forward, we created this site to include practically every information, advice, tips, and ideas a catering or event planning business might need. It is our way of helping and assisting others just like our mentor did for us. Thankfully, this era of technology has made it easier to get our and other experts’ knowledge out there through this website. We hope that you find it useful and informative!