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A member of an hybrid event is lively interacting via online with his four colleagues who work remotely.

How to Plan And Manage Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are physical meetings that allow online attendees to participate. It is a dynamic event in real-time, with an interactive online component. A virtual hybrid event platform is the first and most important thing you’ll need for your hybrid event. However, personalizing it with a virtual phone number service┬ástays unique to your hybrid event. […]

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A picture showing a bunch of medals to be awarded for the winners in the sports event

How To Plan And Organize A School Sports Event?

Sports Day is a great opportunity to practice techniques and team strategies during physical education classes. If your Sports Day is a school-wide event, divide your teams into teams based on their house. Organizing a Sports Day is a huge undertaking in any international school in Chennai (, so enlist the assistance of others. In […]

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An Icon illustrating how the event planning is made in schools with the images related to aim and objectives, event time, volunteers, etc

School Event Planning Checklist & Guide

The event management process can be overwhelming, but it is rewarding when everything comes together. If you want to organize a successful online school event, it is necessary to understand what makes it. Participants are critical, and marketing is important. A school event checklist is a great way to ensure that an event is successful […]

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