Author: PCN Team
The Colorful Stage Decoration with Bright Shade of Decoration For Bride and Groom

A Wedding And The Essential Planning It Entails

Everyone agrees that the wedding day is one of the most unique and memorable instances of any life. It is also a universally acknowledged truth that it is the most stressful and overwhelming time because planning it takes Mission Impossible skills. But there is a silver lining of hope. With two easy tips, anyone can […]

How To Plan Futuristic Events That Engage

The business environment, presently, is saturated with digital technology. More and more businesses are opting for live conferences and virtual meetings. It means a person touch-point is not only harder to establish but more critical. Therefore, there is a need to create events that become a channel for touch points. How does a company or […]

The Don’t’s Of A Good Event Planner

What should be done to make an event successful is easy to know? What most planners fail to realise are the things that should not be done. The big ‘no’s’ of the event planning industry that can leave a black mark on reputations. To help first-time event planners or amateurs, here is a short and […]

Planning A Successful Event – Done Easy

There is still time – these words pass through minds very quickly when you have to plan an event. Sadly, repeating them doesn’t do away with the reality that what you thought was wrong. Faster than anticipated the day of the event is on the head, and you haven’t done any planning. For situations like […]

What are the difficulties faced by catering companies?

It is not an easy task to run and manage a catering business. It comes with various issues when serving the client. The catering business owners should adhere to quality, meet strict deadlines, work for customer satisfaction and more. We have listed some of the top difficulties faced by catering companies. Competition: As more and […]