How To Plan Futuristic Events That Engage

The business environment, presently, is saturated with digital technology. More and more businesses are opting for live conferences and virtual meetings. It means a person touch-point is not only harder to establish but more critical. Therefore, there is a need to create events that become a channel for touch points. How does a company or event planner organise an event that engages attendees in today’s world?

• Bring in people who are not of the industry. An outside-the-box voice or a voice that is diverse from the segment can bring in a fresher perspective. And when attendees hear an outsider speak, they tend to listen. Experts believe that creative thinking is amplified when keynote speakers over an unpopular opinion or question the given norm.

• Ensure that the attendees get brain breaks. These are breathers that allow the thought process of a person some space and time to reflect on what they have heard or seen and then regroup. So, do not fill the event with speeches or activities.

Break them using:
o Art exhibits
o hands-on workshops
o outdoor activities
o wellness events

• Personalise each event and each part of it to engage attendees even more. For example, there can be sessions where the audience can weigh in on the topic being explored. Such elements make sure that the attendees of feel involved and invested plus you get to know what they want. Both sides get to win in such situations.

• Multifunctionality is the call of the era. It should be included in the event too. Think of seemingly small aspects like the name tag. It can do double duty as a schedule info provider. Print a short overview of the entire event on the back side of the name tag, and the attendee needs only flip it over to check what’s next.

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