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Catering sector and HR management.

The Catering Industry in its most basic form

Each company has its set of challenges. How they handle these difficulties will determine whether they succeed. There are many challenges in the recruitment of employees for the food industry. The experts of HRApp (, one of the leading employee tracker software, strongly recommends to adopt recent innovative techniques in the field of recruitment. The […]

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An image representing the career pathways in

Event Management Career Pathways:

Concerts, conferences, weddings, and formal parties are examples of large-scale events where project management principles are applied. In the last few decades, this field has become more popular and accepted. The following article will assist students considering enrolling in an event management course in determining whether this is the right path for them. A list […]

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Healthy Eating Tips For Students

Healthy Eating Habits For NEET Coaching Students Eating healthy plays a huge role in successful self-care. Plenty of students have linked nutrition with physical, cognitive and physical health. In fact, many scientists firmly believe that by sticking to a healthy diet, your brain and body will receive the sufficient vitamins and minerals it needs to […]

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Why Students Need To Eat Healthy To Perform Better

Nutritious Meals Make Better Performance Eating healthy is very crucial for students as it gives their body and minds enough strength to withstand the pressure and stress it is put through. However, many students dismiss the notion of healthy eating and partake in plenty of junk food and processed foods that are filling yet lack […]

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