How to establish a small catering company?

If you are passionate about cooking and wish to start a business, you need to think about beginning a catering business. It is best to start ona small scale and later expand as your client grow. When you start in small, you do not have to invest much and also deal with fewer overheads.

Research the marketplace

When you want to launch a catering company, you should start to research the present market. Start to research about the caterers in your area. See the varieties of foods they serve. Also, check their charges. Ensure to find out the services they are offering. Some small caterers would offer services only to parties and functions. They do not accept wedding orders. You need to check the number of caterers and type of services they offer in your area.

Most caterers have an opinion that people approach them only for cooking food. But it is not true. Nowadays, clients expect more than just cooking. They expect services like decoration,hospitality, helping guests to take food and much more. If you want to be a successful caterer, you have to remain convenient, affordable, corporate style service or white glove service and unique.

If you have plans to start your business in the form of home catering, you can take orders for private parties. Approach your friends and share about your new business. See whether they are in need of catering services. Ask them why they decided to hire a caterer, what they like in catering service providers and what services they expect from their caterer.

Identify potential customers

Get in touch with peers in your business community and find out the companies that are searching for caterers in the city. This way, you can get a list of potential customers. If you do not have any contact details of potential customers, you can directly make a call and talk about your business. They should know that you are offering a catering service. You have to contact the right person at each business. If you do not approach the right person, it is a waste of time.

This way, you can get details about the requirements of corporate companies apart from food like setting up, clearing back, a bar, staffing, etc. You can also get an idea of how they budget and how frequently they use catering services. The email exchanges and interviews help in a great way to launch your business. You would clearly know what your customers want and what you can offer to customers.

Select your niche

If you have decided on a catering concept, you should research how to develop the concept. You should also see whether your clients appreciate your idea. When you start with customer and marketplace research, you can decide what type of catering service to offer. Once you recognize your potential clients, you can easily design a plan as per their price range and requirements. It is best to choose something that attracts more customers and profitable for you.

Some of the popular niche options include sports events, concerts, festivals, concession stands, weddings, children’s parties, corporate events, adult parties,and boxed lunches.

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