Farm to Table Dinner Series

FIRST COURSE: Windmist Farms Charcoal Grilled Pork Kohlrabi, Pancetta, Rosemary Jus

SECOND COURSE: Pan Seared Bomster Sea Scallops Maitake Mushrooms, Shishito Peppers

ENTREE COURSE: Naturally Raised Grass Fed Strip Steak Piquillo Pepper, Chimichurri, Narragansett Blue Cheese

DESSERT COURSE: Lemoncello Mascarpone Cheese Cake Burnt Meyer Lemon Sauce

FARM TO TABLE, it’s a buzzword now, just buying items directly from a farm versus through a large feedlot or through mass-produced food. It’s really buying food from people who are producing food on a very small scale and it’s always better. Usually the closer you can get to eating something that comes out of the ground; the better it’s going to be if it’s produce. If you’re buying something that is shipped from halfway around the world, by the time it gets here it may be out of the ground for two weeks. If you can get something out of the ground within 24 hours and you’re cooking it, it’s night and day. It is the same thing with fish. There are fishing boats that are going out there, and they’re staying out there for three or four weeks at a time. When they’re coming back and you’re getting that fish. It’s not fresh. If you’re buying from day boats that are going out for 24 hours and coming right back, it’s a very different product.

The Farm to Table Movement is an extension of kind of what began in the ’60s and ’70s, with the hippie movement, or the back-to-the-earth movement, or the organic food, or the natural food, or support-the-local-farmer movement. It’s a little easier in certain parts of the country to work a little bit more locally, and we’re a little pressed sometimes in the winter months to go quite from the farm to the table. But for much of the year, we do that sort of thing. I guess part of it is you want something from the land or from the sea at your backdoor as quickly as you can possibly get it. And you want natural product, and clean product, and produce product, anyway, that comes from crops that have been rotated, and so there’s just more flavor, and it’s just more interesting. And it’s an exciting time to be not just a Chef at a Boutique Catering Company, but it’s a really exciting time to be a client who requests this experience.

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